Higginbotham Lab

We study problems in condensed-matter physics with a twist — by borrowing measurement techniques from the superconducting qubits and optomechanics communities.

Lab Updates:

15/7/2020: The second Oxford cryostat is set up and running experiments.

10/1/2020: This week we welcomed our first Oxford dilution refrigerator! The arrival of the second refrigerator is expected in just a few more months.

31/10/2019: Muggsy, our new 4 Kelvin testing system is up and running.


1/4/2019: Great progress on construction. We’ve put up a wall to make a quiet space for data acquisition, and a noisy space for the cryostats and other lab work.

1/3/2019: Construction is under way!

10/2/2019: We’re preparing the lab for a delivery of two new dilution refrigerators later this year. That means setting up feedthroughs for lines to the pump room, drilling into the floor, and buying tons of electronics.